Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vote on Fuel Used to North Bay, and Back - Highway part of drive

Google Maps Says - that from Downsview/Yorkdale area in Toronto, to North Bay is about 330 Kms:
would take 3 hours 22 mins, driving up the 400 to Hwy 11, and up Hwy 11 to North Bay. I have never been to North Bay, Ontario and am thinking of taking a drive up there with my 2004 Prius. 

What I would like to do - is to get your estimates of what you think I should get for average Fuel Economy for that trip - fueling up to top off the Tank before departing, and fueling up once I get into North Bay! I will put a little poll here to gather your thoughts, as to what you think should be my Fuel Economy.

What Fuel Economy Should I get on the Drive to North Bay, Ontario in my 2004 Prius? free polls 

Please make a selection as to what YOU think should be MY fuel burn - based on what I have shared so far in this blog. There may be a few stops, at rest areas, small towns, etc., for snacks, or what have you - but based on my driving the car so far - each way should be under one tank of gas, but I don't think both ways can be done on one tack (at my current Eco-Driving-Skill Level)!

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  1. Thanks for those that already Voted on this poll on the first day it was up! Hope to see some more votes on it going forward! I'd like to pick a weekend to do this trip - when the weather is a bit warmer! Anyone have a GoPro, Hero, or similar Camera and Mount they would like to loan me for the Trip?