Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Litres Per Day: My Record - as tallied on Monday, June 3, 2013

Starting from my first Gas Fill of the Prius at 185,750 Kms on the Odometer - and going forward to the latest receipt entered in my new spreadsheet - 2004 Prius Gas Consumption Chart - I see that for the most part my values were in a consistent range average per tank of about 1-2 Litres of fuel per day. There were two spikes - where the Fuel Use per day went way up - one being attributed to an erroneous fuel pump that shut off early - not actually filling the cars tank, and the second - being related to a drive to Detroit to the Auto Show in January.

Unfortunately - the data was not recorded with any significant notes to clarify any issues - and two of the receipts got washed out heavily due to a spill undiscovered until yesterday, and one receipt was only the payment - not the fuel use - which I just discovered! So the Two spikes in the fuel use are best guesses based on the calendar and memory!

 Below is the Chart's Data Source:

So - it can be seen that my typical daily Fuel Consumption in this vehicle comes in at a range of 0.85 Litres per day - to 2.22 Litres per day - not counting the two peaks, with the two peaks at over 9 litres per day.

Taking into account the total data shown above, the average for the given period = 2.57 L/Day, with an average per day driving distance of 24 Kms for the period total.

These Numbers are not total foot print figures - since I also have still the KIA Soul from July 2010, and it is sometimes driven while the Prius sits at home - so that it does not sit out a whole month, and with averages on it in the vicinity of 6.5 - 12 L/100 Km Depending on trip length, efficiency tactics, and traffic issues - with a common figure of about 8.2 L/100 Km - that brings the total foot print up somewhat, but also - in driving the Prius more frequently - means the KIA does not use as much fuel since it is not too often driven on short trips - but is taken out for longer trips, more freeway driving but generally mixed Highway / City driving.

The Total Distance driven since October 18th, 2012 = 5,319 Kms, over 223 days, using 361 Litres of Fuel, costing $447.24 in total - averaging $1.239 per litre overall.

The Average Fuel Consumption - adjusted to remove the two spikes = 5.889 L/100 Kms, and the adjusted Litres per Day = 2.153, with an average adjusted per day driving distance of just 21.8 Kms.

This Might be a bit of a Tip-off - but maybe it will help in deciding what YOU think I will burn going to North Bay - as in my Post Challenge Poll!

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