Friday, December 14, 2012

Floating the Numbers - Hybrid Fuel Economy and Conditions

The old Right Foot - She Ain't what she Used to Be! Well - 'Your Mileage May Vary' - is another way of saying - My first full tank of gas with a long road Trip has been much better than being stuck in Rush Hour and After Work Traffic, Short Drives with a Cold Engine every time, and impatient drivers in the Rear Bumper!

In other words - the 4.8 Litres per 100 Kms - is my tank best, still - but - I did briefly see a 4.6 L/100 Km figure on the Display, after 20 Km drive down from the Service Center on the Highway 400 - to Downsview late one night! Of course - we are talking about running tank averages here - as I have of course - driven as fast as 65-70 Kms or more on just electric power - with the engine off - burning Zero Gas - for a few moments!

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