Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Drives - Until I needed Gas!

When the Prius was delivered, the previous Driver(s) had driven it 185,664 Kms. The Gas Gauge was at two Bars. I did not get (probably because I did not ask for) a Full Tank!

2004 Prius Odometer Reading at Delivery - Close Up - 185664 Km 2004 Prius Odometer Reading at Delivery - Dash View

They had been getting an average on the last tank of 6.1 L/100 Km, which I got down to 5.9 L/100 Km After a little bit of Driving the car (77 Kms. to 185,741 Kms Total). Did not get a Picture of that on delivery - as I had not yet figured out the screen choices and uses well yet.

Average Energy use 4 days after delivery of Prius - 5.9 L/100 Km My Prius Odometer Reading 4 days after delivery - 185,741 Km
On October 16th, I Drove the Prius to a Local Meeting of Local Inventors and Climate Change Toronto Event Organizers for a presentation that was being given by Eric - President of the Toronto Hybrid Group.

My 2004 Prius At North York City Hall Parking Lot - October 16th, 2012

We learned quite a few interesting details, and I met some interesting Problem Solvers and Inventors.

Now it was getting time to put Gas in, since it was now at 1 Bar on the gas Gauge (See above).

Next Post - My first Tank of Gas!

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